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07:08pm 04/12/2004
  Due to popular opinion, lack of moderater interest, and the prophecy of Nostradamus, this community is closed.

Join us in our new community, tenatively titled, "Death_To_Seth". It'll be a rating community with the only criteria being, "100 Ways To Sodomize newyorkisnow". Also, expect a companion booklet, "Seth and cleansation: Oh, The Humanity", to appear on Random House Publishing in 2005.

Until we meet again.

09:10pm 04/12/2004
  I love Atmosphere!!!  
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Lack of activity? 
05:06pm 30/09/2004
mood: inarticulate
Since I'm out of the rating community game, for the most part, but I still thought this was cool/would be appreciated, it's here.

ANYWAY. I saw this ad in Bomb for WPS1 which is MoMA's (new?) online radio station. It has a lot art related stuff, but it also has some promising music programs. Also, you can listen to stuff at your leisure, out of order. And no censorship, apparently.

So, without further ado, http://www.wps1.org
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04:03pm 04/09/2004

I've come to the destinct conclusion that High Rise isn't so much a band, as a Japanese demigod messiah figure that knowns no fear and walks with kings.


And does anybody have any opinions on what are some of the best albums to start with for Alan Lomax's field recordings? I only have one, listed "Bahamas, 1935", and its pretty wonderful. I know just from a quick Soulseek search that he appears to have upwards of thirty or more albums, which makes it pretty daunting, and AllMusic only has listed his last couple of recordings.
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12:39am 02/09/2004
  If the last six hours have taught us anything, its that a moderated membership is the only way to fly.

Also noting that I think moderating in normal communities is lame, and as soon as we have the usual suspects involved, I'll give everyone moderatership if they want.

And we can all ban each other.

Obligatory Playlist Post:

osibisa - woyaya
charles wright & the watts 103rd street rhythm band - in the jungle babe
juggaknots - clear blue skies
prince paul - a prince among thieves
African Head charge- Songs Of Praise
mystikal - lets get ready
vidna obmana - the surreal sanctuary
gregory isaacs & dennis brown - blood brothers
young marble giants - colossal youth
Carl Craig - More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art
higher intelligence agency - freefloater
popol vuh - fitzcarraldo
king sunny ade&his african beats - juju music
lee dorsey - ride your pony
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12:41am 02/09/2004
  Well, now that I look at the community, I see not much has happened yet, so I will try to make things happen.
Who would win in a fight ---- Spiderman or Superman?
Oh shit, music related ----- Iggy Pop or Superman?
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Hi Ya'll 
12:37am 02/09/2004
  My name is __________ and I like music. I like music alot. I try to like many kinds of music (still having trouble with country and electronic, but I'm still looking) If the conversation interests me, I'll chime in, but mostly I'll sit around and check out things I haven't heard of. Peace and shit.
08:14pm 01/09/2004
  Is there any invaluable websites that you use?

I'm trying to finish the links section.
03:16pm 01/09/2004

Sexual favors from Seth for anyone willing to bring in awesome people.
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05:33pm 01/09/2004
  I love your info.  
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02:28pm 01/09/2004

On edit: fucking hell, it did.
12:19pm 01/09/2004
  Work, Motherfucker.